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Cemtech has provided services and solutions for different manufacturing industries and continues to expand our project database. We can provide specific material solutions for any industry.

No project is too big, nor any option impossible.

Our services for industrial by-product re-use program involves 3 phases:

  • By-Product Evaluation

  • Project Implementation

  • Long-Term Management

Phase 1:  By-Product Evaluation

Through an expansive understanding of all manufacturing sectors, we can quickly identify the options for  your waste streams.  Our network of solutions will enable us to pin-point the most cost-effective option for you.  Included in this evaluation is raw material handling/preparation alternatives, transportation/logistic services and market projections, clearly defining the longevity of each solution proposed by Cemtech.

Phase 2:  Project Implementation

Our success depends on taking every project from the conference room to the field, in a short time. Resulting in trials that become long-term solutions.  From environmental compliance to raw material handling systems design.  Our skill, service and experience will be at your disposal.

Phase 3:  Long-Term Management

Whether your solution is a one-time course of action, or a long-term application, we survey every detail with an unprecedented level of attention.  We embrace a philosophy of continuous improvement for Cemtech and our clients.

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